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We provide laser cutting, metal forming, welding, media blasting, and painting services. We also aid in the manufacturing of armor-survivability systems for many Department of Defense projects including armor steel parts for military vehicles including MRAP, MTVR, and MATV. We have the ability to work with any type of armor and military materials. With our international JV partner, we form a solid group of service suppliers.


We continually strive to meet our goals of growth and customer satisfaction through customer involvement, quality improvement, and environmentally-responsible practices. Maintaining close customer contact before, during, and after project completion is vital to our success. This key attribute allows us to quickly respond to changes—and address immediate concerns—while maintaining quality and staying on schedule.


Plasma cutting is utilized to cut full sheets of material into the correct size for each individual customer application. This process helps minimize waste while maximizing savings. Plasma cutting is an efficient option for the manufacturing of any batch size, and will help customers eliminate costly tooling charges while maintaining quick part turnaround.


Our CNC-controlled press brakes provide high-tolerance forming capabilities with minimal tooling investment using graphical controls to speed set-up and programming time and optimize productivity. Our bending capabilities are able to accommodate a wide variety of jobs.


Our robotic welders yield strong, fast, precise, repeatable welds, and are able to access difficult-to-reach areas with ease. Programmable robotic welders can be fully or partially automated, which enables our operators to stop the welding process whenever necessary. This feature allows for a combination of custom welds and quality control checks in order to meet demanding specifications.


Not every job is suited for robotic welding. Our expert, certified quality team continually makes checks throughout the entire process. Our array of welders can weld ferrous and non-ferrous metals, allowing you complete design control while ensuring high quality at a very competitive price.

Welding Certifications:

  • D1.1
  • D17.1
As a manufacturing company of metal products for various defense contractors, we maintain welder certifications. We are happy to provide additional certifications to any standard required by current or future customers. We have an understanding of the special requirements of military work regarding weld appearance, cleanup, and delivery as required in a field with rapidly changing design revisions, deadlines, and production requirements. JBM Sherman Carmel provides five major welding type services:

  • Spot welding
  • Oxyfuel welding
  • Shielded metal arc welding (SMAW) aka stick arc welding
  • TIG welding (Tungsten inert gas welding)
  • MIG welding (Metal inert gas welding)
We design and build our own assembly and welding fixtures. Using our Faro arm, we can reverse engineer welded assembly parts controlling dimensions accurately.

  • Liquid Penetrate Testing in according to IAW SNT-TC-1A
  • Level 2 Liquid Penetrate Testing
  • Visual Testing in according to AWS D1.1 Table 6.1


JBM Sherman maintains a team of college-certified and STAR 4D trained spray technicians, who provide high-quality metal and material finishing services.

Having STAR-trained technicians helps optimize transfer efficiencies, reduce overspray, pollution, and paint waste. Our systems meet international, military, and customer-specified metal-finishing standards. We continually strive to improve our painting technique and employ the latest technology and equipment in order to keep our painting capabilities at the leading edge of the industry.

Our process starts with media blast or manual preparation and continues with coating. Our embedded painting-quality inspectors check each step in the process.

Our Abrasive Blasting department utilizes large, environmentally designed booths that can accommodate jobs of any size. This process effectively removes slag, rust, and imperfections while providing the specified profile for various coatings and processes. Dual reclaim systems allow maintenance with virtually no down time.

JBM Sherman Carmel specializes in applying top quality protective coatings and finishes such as "CARC." Our large, modern spray booths accommodate large volumes of material, reducing your total costs. We apply proper cleaning and coating to ensure paint adhesion and run multiple adhesion tests. All paint booths are permitted and equipped with state-of-the-art environmental controls.

The painting inspection process meets the following requirements:

  • Water Break Test in according to MIL-DTL-53072
  • Solvent Wipe Test in according to MIL-DTL-53072
  • Wet Adhesion Tape Test in according to FED-STD-141 Method 6301.3 and MIL- DTL- 5541
  • Dry Adhesion Tape Test in according to ASTM-3359-09 Method B
  • Salt Test in according to MIL-DTL-53072, TT-C-490, MIL-DTL-5541, and ASTM- B-117

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